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Canyon Swing in New Zealand

Canyon Swing

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  • Displaying 17 results

If canyon swinging past rugged cliff faces, flying over stunning canyons and skimming over rivers of New Zealand’s most spectacular landscapes elicit a crazy mix of emotions in you, then undoubtedly this is a challenge not to be missed. From the world’s highest swing of 120 metres – which will have you freefalling at hair raising speeds, before propelling out over the Nevis Valley – to a more tame, but no less thrilling 43 metre swing in Taupo, called the Cliffhanger,  there’s an option to suit you. Regardless of which New Zealand Canyon Swing you choose – with speeds of up to 150km/h – there won’t be time to wonder if it was a good idea or not! There are a myriad of jump styles you can choose from – including tandem – that will satisfy the adrenaline junkie within and allow you to feel the thrills with your friends. Why not try a canyon swing combo, paired with either bungy, raft or jet, or the foursome of swing, heli, jet and raft all in one amazing package!

If you want a swing that allows you to choose your jump style then go for the original Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown from 109 metres. Don't be fooled, it may not be a bungy jump but it is no less scary!!

Is a Canyon Swing like a bungy?
Yes, its quite similar with the main difference being that a bungy uses a bungy cord that means you bounce back up after your reach the low point, where as on a canyon swing you swing out in an arc, meaning there is no bounce. 

Can I canyon swing in New Zealand with a friend?
Yes, canyon swinging can generally be done solo or tandem (with a friend).

Are there different ways to canyon swing?
Yes, in some locations, like the Shotover Canyon swing in Queenstown, you can swing more than a dozen different ways. If you are a keen adventurer with nerves of steel then you can ran and jump off, go backwards, hang upside down and even swing blindfolded. For those less brave, you can sit in a chair and the instructor can pull the release so there is nothing for you to do!


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